Offline Methods to Market Your Internet Website in Toronto

If you own a website or online business, don’t think that you should limit your marketing efforts to the Internet or using online marketing methods. You may spend many hours online, but a lot more people aren’t online as much. You need to also market your website or online business offline because doing so can and will help you increase your traffic.  After all, Toronto contains 20% of Canada’s population, so the reach is quite great in Toronto with offline marketing methods.

Below are 7 offline marketing methods you can use to promote and generate traffic to your site or online business:

1. Advertise in the Yellow Pages
Many people still use the phone book to find what they need, so consider advertising your site or online business in the local Yellow Pages. It’s an inexpensive way you can promote your site offline.

2. Transform Your Car into a Moving Billboard
Turning your car into a moving billboard can be an inexpensive way to promote your site or online business. You can put a bumper sticker or a magnet with your website printed on it. Every time you’re on the road, people will see your site. Make sure your site is short or memorable.

3. Wear Your Site
Have your site and logo printed on shirts and baseball caps. Wear them whenever you go out. Give away shirts or baseball caps to family and friends and encourage them to wear them when they go out.

4. Sponsor Your Local Sports Team
National sports team have big budgets, but local sports teams like the Little Leagues are always on the lookout for sponsors. Why not sponsor a team by paying for their uniforms or equipment? You can have your site or business name printed on the uniforms or equipment. You’ll have exposure whenever your local sports team plays.

5. Advertise on TV and in Radio
Unless you have a huge budget, national advertising is beyond your reach. However, you can still reach a wide audience through your local TV and radio stations.

6. Use Direct Mail Advertising
Direct mail advertising existed even before the Internet. However, of all the traditional advertising methods, direct mail can be rather expensive. If you do decide to market your site or online business using direct mail, make sure that you can track your direct mail so that you can evaluate its success instead of lose money.

7. Give Away Gifts and Free Stuff
You can put your name and logo on practically anything — pens, coffee mugs, notepads, calendars, cups, pencils, letter openers, bookmarks, et. These promotional items can be inexpensive and you can give them away to prospects, customers and associates.

About the author:

The author is a Toronto Internet Marketing consultant.