Where to Find Project Management Training

In today’s complex business environment, executives and staff at many levels need to have the expertise necessary to manage projects effectively. To that end, there are numerous opportunities for professionals to expand their abilities, by incorporating these essential skills through specialized project management training.

Typical venues where project management training programs and courses may include:

  • Corporate Training Programs
  • Specialized Schools
  • Professional Societies
  • Colleges and Universities

Choosing the most effective project management program involves assessing what each person’s needs are, in addition to what the budget will allow comfortably.

Specialized Business Schools
Correspondence and online training schools offer many types of courses that relate to project management. Usually, this training method includes certificates of completion that are recognized within the industries in which they work. These courses also offer effective resources to learn about general project management.

Not only will participants gain extra knowledge and increase their job skills, but these certifications can be listed on their resumes, making them more valuable in the workplace and as job candidates in the future.

One of the advantages of the courses offered through Last Minute Training is that classes are usually offered with very flexible scheduling, some of which can be completed at the student’s convenience.

The wide array of offerings usually exceeds that of other traditional schools and organization. Also, the curriculum is more diverse, since they offer more affordable and convenient options. Technology has made it possible to offer these classes on the web or with a traditional instructor, both online and off. Many of these types of classes are tailored toward specific tasks. For example, online training resource, Last Minute Training, offers a wide variety of project management training offerings, including popular training methods such as:

  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Webinars

Corporate Training Programs
Employers sometimes offer specialized training for their employees on various levels. This can range from basic time management courses, to more highly developed training opportunities such as very specifically designed project management classes.

While many in-house training programs offer project management insight, they are usually not as comprehensive as what might be found at a project management training specialist firm, such as Last Minute Training.

Colleges and Universities
Local higher learning institutions on every level, from community colleges to universities, sometimes offer project management programs as part of a course of study in business, or may be chosen as an elective. However, a major drawback to these venues is the cost and time requirement, which many professionals may find inconvenient.

Professional Societies
Continuing education units (CEUs) for a number of professions can also be included in professional resumes, to increase employee value. Credits and certifications may be earned through some professional organizations, however, classes can be limited, or offered at inconvenient times for some professionals.

While societies may have a variety of offerings, the expense is usually higher than other venues. In addition, coursework may not be as streamlined as what could be found through an online training resource such as Last Minute Training.

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