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How Landlords Can Keep Their Garages Running Smoothly

There are a few things that will occur over and over again, regardless of the facts. People will argue about cats versus dogs, and which makes the better pet. They’ll debate whether pie or cake is tastier, despite the fact that this is purely subjective and there’s no one true way to weigh the tastes against one another. They’ll argue about which kind of media format is best every time the argument comes up. If you’ve been around the block a few times, you’ve probably seen these old back and forth’s a million times. There’s one more common debate that’s a little more serious than what pet to adopt or which dessert to order: the question of what option is the best between homes and apartments or condos. The reason why this question comes up again and again is simple: there’s no one true answer. There are many benefits to home ownership – the ability to paint your walls, make noise at 3am, and more space. Of course, the same can be said about apartments as well.

Apartment parking garages need repair and maintenance, just like homesThe lack of maintenance and commitment make it an attractive choice for many homeowners. Of course, there are some things that the two living arrangements have in common: such as residential garage doors. Even then, if you live in an apartment in Mississauga, you don’t schedule garage door maintenance – your landlord does. Landlords and property managers need to be incredibly aware of garage doors and their status. If they don’t, there could be major repercussions. This blog examines why every landlord needs to pencil ‘garage door maintenance and repair’ in on their schedule.

Strength In Numbers: Why You Can’t Afford to Put This Task Off

Imagine for a moment that you’re in your car, and you’re running late. You’ve got to get to work, there’s no time to spare! You go to head out of your garage – and the garage door steadfastly refuses to cooperate. It remains down, perhaps making some distressing noises. You’d probably be furious, frustrated, anxious… Now, imagine, for a moment, that it’s not just one person, but an entire building’s worth of people. When one homeowner neglects their residential garage doors, they’re the only one impacted. While that’s obviously not great, at least the harm is localized to just one person. When a landlord or property manager fails to keep up with the right maintenance and the garage doors falter as a result, then many people have their days ruined – and you’ll be the one to bear that burden! By being proactive about maintenance, you can avoid this scenario.

A Security Risk You Can’t Afford to Take

Not only is it extremely important to keep residential garage doors operational so residents can go about their daily business without any concerns, landlords and property managers need to consider the potential security concerns that could erupt if they fail to properly keep their garage doors secured. Many tenants or residents will keep their personal belongings in their car, or lock up a bike. If you can’t promise them security and you create vulnerability in the building through unmaintained garage doors, you could end up in a large pickle when your building becomes host to a break-in or robbery.

Do Your Garage Doors Open Up a Vulnerability To The Rest of the Building?

Apartment intruders can gain access through badly maintained garage doorsFurthermore, garages in condos or apartment buildings tend to be attached to the rest of the house. In recent years, these buildings have seriously stepped up their security. Electronic key passes are needed to get into the front or back of the building, camera systems often cover every door, and residents are warned to be extremely careful about letting people past the front doors, even if they look like a nice neighbour. But you could be making all of these security cautions completely moot. If someone can gain access to the building through the garage – and that’s much easier with badly maintained doors, they can gain access to the building.

Not only do residential garage doors keep intruders out, but they also serve the purpose of shielding from lots of things that you might not even have considered, at first – the elements (wind, snow, rain, and sun are all things that can damage your tenants vehicles and cause some issues!), as well as rodents and birds or even larger pests like raccoons. Having this shield against the elements and animal intruders tends to make life much easier to deal with as a landlord and you can enjoy a slightly more relaxed schedule as a result.

How a Proactive Approach Helps

Big repair bills can seriously hamper a landlord’s budget.Landlords and property managers are often busy people, dealing with many tasks at once. One tenant needs this replaced, another needs their mailbox looked at, a third has a question that needs immediate attention, a fourth has a question about a parking spot… with all of this, it’s tempting to just ignore issues and focus on the more immediate matters. However, the longer you wait to schedule garage door maintenance, the worse problems can become – and the higher the bills climb. A proactive approach suits a property manager much better!

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